Portable bandsaw stand

I have a portable bandsaw that I absolutely love- it’s one of my favorite and most useful tools. Cutting small pieces of metal with any degree of precision can be difficult however. What I needed was a stand to turn it into a benchtop saw.

This is a super simple low cost stand that is very easy to make and can be built in an afternoon.

Tutorial on Instructables.



Converting old tools to lithium power

I have several old cordless power tools and they’re all in good working condition. The trouble is the batteries all need to be replaced and the batteries are obscenely expensive. I have a really hard time paying for batteries that cost almost as much as the tool and I didn’t want to discard perfectly good tools.

One other issue I had with my old batteries as that every time I went to use them the batteries were dead as the NiMH batteries would self discharge rather quickly, especially in cold weather.

Most modern cordless tools use Lithium batteries and I happen to use LiPo battery packs all the time for other projects so I figured I’d convert my old cordless tools to Lithium power using inexpensive LiPo battery packs.

This is a really simple conversion and the cost is a fraction of what power tool manufacturer replacement batteries cost.

Tutorial on Instructables.



Advice on soldering irons

Made a video about how to choose a soldering iron.


Owon multimeter review

A quick review of the Owon B35T multimeter which features datalogging using bluetooth and Android/iOS devices.

Manufacturer’s page with specs, user manual, etc.-….

Available for purchase here-

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Fast and cheap 3rd hand

Here’s how to make the simplest, least expensive 3rd hand ever. Works great for soldering electronics or small metal items using a torch.


Tevo Michelangelo 3D Printer review

This is a pretty nice little printer for $200.