I’ve been working as a professional jeweler for over two decades and in that time I’ve made a fair bit of jewelry. Here are just a few examples.

Cast Platinum engagement ring– how it’s made from start to finish.



Hand fabricated engagement ring– a step by step tutorial.



Rose Cut natural Diamond ringstep by step tutorial.



Two tone engagement ringbuild diary.



Hand fabricated Platinum rings

The first ring shown below was an especially challenging job as the opening in the the side of the ring is only 8mm wide. The vine sections are made from fourteen separate Platinum pieces. Platinum wire that is .07mm thick (about .003 inch) is used for the vines and the leaves were cut from Platinum sheet, hand engraved and welded to the vine sections. The assembled vine sections were then inserted into the 8mm wide opening and then welded into place from the back side. It’s a very small ring- to put in in perspective the side stones on the top of the ring are 1mm in diameter.

The next two rings are entirely made from Platinum sheet and wire- no castings were used and there are over forty soldered joints in each ring. To make rings like these I start with the center head by forming the prongs and gallery wires, bending them to shape and joining them together. The prongs and gallery wires for the side stones are then added, paying close attention to the stone spacing. The ring shank is then hand forged, shaped and attached to the head assembly. The ring is then pre polished and the stones are set and then the detail work/hand engraving is done, followed by the final polish.



Rose gold pendant

This was a really neat piece. Made in two halves in Rose Gold with champagne Diamonds and a large red Zircon.



Repair work

I do an awful lot of repair work. Often jewelry is brought to me that is deemed beyond salvage and I can bring it back to life again. Here are two Platinum rings that were in pretty dire shape when I received them and was able to resurrect them. Check out the before and after pics.


Gallery of work

Just a few pieces I’ve made over the years