Doctor Who custom Sonic Screwdriver

A custom functional Sonic Screwdriver I made with my son. The neat thing about this project is you can easily tailor it to include all different kids of sensors to learn about the world around you. Inexpensive accelerometers, altitude sensors, barometric pressure sensors, GPS sensors, etc. are all readily available and you can make a custom Sonic Screwdriver to house whatever sensors you want. Data from the sensors is stored on a micro SD card.

Full build on Instructables and Hackaday.


Iron Man Arc Reactors

I’ve made a couple different Arc Reactors. The first one was for a quick one week Halloween build. The second was a commission job for an Iron Man themed motorcycle. The first Arc Reactor I built made an appearance in an actual Iron Man comic and is shown on the Marvel Arc Reactor Wiki page!

Tutorial on Instructables.


Green Lantern rings

I’ve made several versions of Green Lantern rings, including a glowing version.

Cast metal/glowing version tutorial on Instructables.

Glowing movie version on Instructables.


Stargate Horus helmet

This was a low cost animatronic Horus helmet made using Pepakura, card stock, paper mache and foam. The animatronic mechanism is Arduino controlled.

Complete tutorial on Instructables.



This was a fun Halloween costume project I did with a friend. I made two complete packs, suits, belts and goggles in just over two weeks working mostly nights and weekends. I also made a ghost trap and pedal- it clips onto the belt just like in the movie. The guns come off the packs and the packs light up, as does the trap. I made two lighting circuits for each pack using a simple homemade 555 timer circuit, a few LEDs and 9v batteries. The trap weighs around six or seven pounds and the packs weigh about twenty- five pounds.

Write up is on Instructables.

I also made sets of machined pieces for the pack and proton wand (which I used to sell on the old ASAP forum) and I made a welded metal proton wand body with a removable bottom for another RPF member.



This was a super fun and fairly simple Halloween costume. The blasters were made primarily from PVC pipe and MDF. The Galaxy Holder was made in Sterling Silver.

Write up is on Instructables.


Boba Fett

A super low budget Star Wars costume made mostly from found materials- the helmet and jetpack are cardboard.

Costume tutorial on Instructables.

Helmet tutorial on Instructables.


Han Solo

Another quick and cheap Star Wars costume. Made this for a co worker in four hours the night before Halloween. Thrift store jacket and pants (with stripes glued on) and a blaster made from scrap wood.

Write up on Instructables.



Indiana Jones Brotherhood of the Grail pin

This was a quick fun little piece. Made in sterling silver with gold plating and enamel.