I make projects in order to learn about craft and technology. My work over time has been sort of an intersection of craftsmanship, technology and determination. I am happiest when I’m in the shop building my creations and I love helping other makers with their projects by writing tutorials and finding solutions to their build challenges.

After working in the bicycle industry for 12 years I became a professional jeweler. I make movie props, animatronics and costumes for fun. Many of my projects have complete build tutorials on Instructables and Hackaday and have been featured on Sparkfun, Adafruit and Hackaday.

I previously ran diyanimatronics.com but that has now been closed as I no longer have the time to maintain it and/or work on projects for other people and I am no longer accepting animatronics/costume/prop commissions.

My YouTube channel

Instructables interview

Sparkfun  (short interview)