Latest updates

I made a micro benchtop milling machine!

I’ve really needed a mill for some time now so I decided to build one myself. There’s a full writeup on Instructables.



Animatronic wings!

Now that the home remodeling is done it’s time to get back to some other projects including these animatronic wings I’ve been building. This mechanism is for a cosplayer’s anime character. All four wing move up/down and have a forward/back flapping motion. The packaging on this was pretty tough. The final wings are tinted polycarbonate- the wood wings are just pattern stand ins. Still need to 3d print the center body cover sections.

Latest version- here you can see how the twin lead screw drive of the previous version has been replaced by a much more compact single screw drive. The wing flapping mechanics are the same as before.


Old mechanism- this used twin lead screws with a sliding pin arrangement to lift the wings. Since the servos need to have multiple rotations the pots have been replaced by external pots to give position feedback.



Welding practice for tiny work.

Welding .009″ dia wire around the threads of a no. 6 screw. Welding really small stuff like this just requires a bit of practice and really steady hands.


Welding razor blades together at the cutting edge. This is at 40X magnification- most all of the blade grind is still visible.


Welding .009″ dia wire around the edge of the internal threads of a 6-32 nut. In one side and out the other. Tricky to do- would have been easier with thinner filler wire.