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4×5 view camera

I’ve been working on this for a while with my good friend Frank of Fotographz. Frank is a brilliant photographer and we’ve been talking about doing this project for a very long time. The camera has some neat features and is designed so it can be made using a variety of manufacturing techniques- laser cutting, 3d printing, machining and traditional woodworking. The pics shows laser cut Titanium uprights and Aluminum frames by SendCutSend as well as some 3d printed endplates (also being machined in Aluminum) and a fully assembled test base. Super happy with how this is looking so far!

Making big wings move…

A while back I built an cable driven animatronic mechanism that was to move four large wings. Unfortunately I made it way too complex and it failed spectacularly. For a while now I’ve been working on a replacement that is far simpler, lighter and more importantly- won’t break. Originally this was going to be cable driven as well but I figured out how to make it much simpler and entirely linkage driven. Here’s a pic of one of the drive modules. Stay tuned- this one is going to be interesting…


More animatronic goodness…

Finally got the cosplay raising/folding four wing mechanism figured out. The previous design was still just too big, heavy and power hungry. The trick was making it work using a single servo. The mechanism now can fit in my outstretched hand- the backplate measures about 7″ across. While it’s more complex mechanically it’s much lighter weight and only uses a fraction of the power. The wings are polycarbonate and span is about 62″. Overall I’m pretty happy with how compact it is and that I can get this range of motion using a single servo.

There’s a full tutorial on Instructables.

20200628_194111 (1)

Pretty neat being able to move four wings this size with a single servo on just 4.8V (it’ll be much faster on 7.2V )

Test video with wings mounted-

Close up video of the mechanism working-


Welding practice for tiny work.

Welding .009″ dia wire around the threads of a no. 6 screw. Welding really small stuff like this just requires a bit of practice and really steady hands.


Welding razor blades together at the cutting edge. This is at 40X magnification- most all of the blade grind is still visible.


Welding .009″ dia wire around the edge of the internal threads of a 6-32 nut. In one side and out the other. Tricky to do- would have been easier with thinner filler wire.