Latest updates

Animatronic wings!

Now that the home remodeling is done it’s time to get back to some other projects including these animatronic wings I’ve been building. These are for a cosplayer’s anime character. All four wing move up/down and have a forward/back flapping motion. The packaging on this was pretty tough. The final wings are tinted polycarbonate- the wood wings are just pattern stand ins. Still need to 3d print the center body cover sections.



Kitchen remodel is done!

This was a LOT of work but it turned out super nice. Check out the before and after photos! If you’re interested in seeing how this was done on a tight budget check out the full write up on Instructables.



Welding practice for tiny work.

Welding .009″ dia wire around the threads of a no. 6 screw. Welding really small stuff like this just requires a bit of practice and really steady hands.


Welding razor blades together at the cutting edge. This is at 40X magnification- most all of the blade grind is still visible.


Welding .009″ dia wire around the edge of the internal threads of a 6-32 nut. In one side and out the other. Tricky to do- would have been easier with thinner filler wire.




Make a super easy kids astronaut costume!

Full tutorial on Instructables.


Tutorial- Solitaire ring with accent stones!

Latest tutorial on Instructables shows how to make a solitaire ring  with a soldered in basket head and bead set accent stones down the sides.



New ring tutorial!

Just finished writing up a tutorial on Instructables for this bezel set ring. It’s a great project for a beginner jeweler looking to make a simple ring with a stone setting.




Basement remodel time…

Now that the bathrooms are finished it’s time to get going on the basement again. Ceilings have been scraped, repaired and painted. New light fixtures have been installed and carpet has been replaced.

So onto the wainscoting! Some of the previous wainscoting had been damaged in a flood so all of it is being replaced as I can’t find a match for the old material. At this point I have 90% of the paneling work done and now need to replace all of the molding and trim. I have five doorways, four windows, baseboards and chair rail molding left to finish. Oh yeah, then painting everything…

I also recently obtained a cordless jigsaw- why I didn’t get one of these sooner? I used to HATE using a jigsaw. This inexpensive Makita CXT saw has been perfect for doing detail cuts in all of the new paneling- it’s an absolute joy to use. Maybe I’ll do a review of it as I also have a CXT drill/driver set…

After this part of the house is done it’ll be on to new fencing for the yard and then a full kitchen remodel!


Bathroom remodels are done!

Pretty much everything was replaced in the upstairs bathroom- new walls, tile flooring, vanity, shower, linen cabinet, toilet, lighting and fixtures. The only thing we kept was the exhaust fan (because I replaced it last year) and glass block windows. Pretty happy with how this turned out.


In the downstairs bathroom we kept the tub and built in linen cabinet but put in a new tile floor, vanity, lighting, fixtures, toilet and exhaust fan.




Bathroom remodel

Our bathroom has a rotting subfloor and tile problems so we’ve been wanting to remodel it for some time. Replacing the tub with a full size shower is interesting as all of the plumbing has to be reworked as tubs have 1.5″ drains and showers have 2″ drains. The new shower mixing valves are also quite a bit different from our 1980 unit so the copper lines to that have to be changed up a bit as well. A built in linen cabinet was removed and one of the electrical lines is being relocated.